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Morningstar®Media Kit

We provide opportunities across a number of media properties and conferences targeted to high-net-worth investors, advisors, and institutional investors. We have decades of experience delivering messages to an engaged, investing-minded audience.

Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Your message and our brand recognition help you reach engaged investors looking to make educated investing decisions.

Our Clients

3.9 Million

Individual Investors Served


Financial Advisors Served


Average Monthly Advisor Uniques on


Websites Worldwide

Source: Annual Shareholders Meeting and SAS 360

Individual is our site for individual investors looking to discover new investments, build/upgrade portfolios, monitor investments, and view real-time market data. Morningstar offers an independent voice supported by more than 640 analysts who provide continuous investment coverage and commentary.



We offer three ways to reach our advisor audience:, Morningstar magazine, and the Morningstar Investment Conference. We can help place your message in front of advisors who are actively looking for tools to research, analyze, present, and support their recommendations.

Source: Google Analytics & Morningstar Annual Shareholders' Meeting

Reaching Individual Investors


16.6 Million

Average Monthly Page Views

2.6 million

Average Monthly Unique Visitors

$1.4 million

Average Individual Investor Portfolio Size

Source: Google Analytics 12-month average and Morningstar Investor Survey

Premium Members

Average Household Income

Average Portfolio Size




Basic Members

Average Household Income
Average Portfolio Size




Size of Investment Portfolio (%)

Size of Investment Portfolio (%)

Perspectives From Investor Survey

After doing my research to purchase or sell stocks or mutual funds on several websites, I always confirm my decision by reviewing Morningstar recommendations and reviews.

The Financial information on all types of mutual funds, bonds, and other investments is truly excellent, the best I have found.

Source: Morningstar Individual Investor Survey

Reaching Financial Advisors

Advisor Statistics


Average Monthly Advisor Uniques on

$523.3 million

Average Assets Under Management


Have been a Financial Professional for 11 Years or More


See Value in Information Provided by Asset Management Firms on

Source: Morningstar Advisor Survey and SAS 360


User Who

Assets Under Management (%)

Perspectives From Morningstar Advisor Survey is a goldmine of information for both novice investors and seasoned professionals.

I love Morningstar, I don't know where my firm would be
without it.

Source: Morningstar Advisor Survey

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