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What Can Private Funds Offer You?

The diversification benefits are modest, but the additional risks are not.

What the Next Bitcoin Halving Means for ETF Investors

The fourth halving in bitcoin history is expected as soon as today. Here’s why this time could be different.

What Can Commodities Do for You?

Commodity profiles continue to evolve, as do their diversification benefits.

Which Alternatives Fit Into Your Portfolio?

Learn how different strategies can enhance diversification.

4 Options-Based ETFs That Offer Something New

New ETFs are cheaper and more flexible than most buffer ETFs.

How to Use Alternatives in Your Portfolio

What you need to know about the advantages and risks of alternative investments.

Will the Institutional Private Equity Push Leave Investors With Scraps?

These firms are implementing investor protections.

What’s Unique About Private Equity?

Complexity, capital calls, and illiquidity are among the challenges investors face to reap potential rewards.

Covered-Call Funds: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

These funds can perform well, but it’s hard to predict under what conditions.

Is Even a Little Bitcoin Too Much for Your Portfolio?

Spot bitcoin ETFs make it easy to add the cryptocurrency to a 60/40 portfolio, but there’s a chance it can turn your portfolio upside down.

Vanguard Got Bitcoin Right

Sometimes it’s best to just say no.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Are Here. Should You Invest?

Why they hold advantages over bitcoin futures ETFs and how to choose the right one for your portfolio.

Meet the New Landlord: Your Target-Date Fund

Several target-date fund families invest directly in real estate. Why?

Investors Shun Portfolio Diversifiers as They Hedge Their Bets

AQR dominates third-quarter returns, but J.P. Morgan takes the spoils.

Fractional Real Estate Ownership: Trick or REIT?

Democratizing real estate is an intriguing concept, but some jump scares lurk in the fine print.

Lessons for Investors From the Performance of AQR’s Funds

Liquid alternatives promise diversification—if investors can stay the course.

A Tax-Aware Alternative to Cash

Exploring box spreads and their potential use cases.

Market Wizards Wave Their Wands but Investors Miss the Magic

Trend-following managers have enjoyed a resurgence, but investor behavior has led to a muted experience.

A New Type of Fund Promises Access to Private Markets … at a Price

This vehicle sits at the nexus of two colliding trends in investing.

Are ‘Cash-Plus’ Strategies Really a Cash Cow Today?

Funds that keep assets in cash stand to benefit from higher interest rates. But the relationship is not as straightforward as it seems.

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