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The Saver’s Match Could Be a Game Changer for Retirement Savings—Especially for Black Women

The program, which matches individuals’ contributions to 401(k) plans, could help close the racial wealth gap.

Lessons From Another ‘Faux-tirement’

A six-week break from work brings insights into retirement and life.

What to Do With Your 401(k) When You Retire

Roll it over or stay put? Six questions to help you decide.

What’s Wrong With Social Security?

Two solutions to shore up this vital retirement program.

Is a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Right For You?

Tax and IRA expert Ed Slott breaks down what to keep in mind with this maneuver.

The Psychology of Retirement Income: From Saving to Spending

Are you lost in the retirement consumption puzzle?

Are You Suited for an Immediate Annuity?

What retirees should know before buying.

Should Your Simple Retirement Portfolio Be More Complicated?

Less is generally more, but there are exceptions.

Is Fixing Social Security and Medicare as Dire as It Seems?

Fifty years after the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, high levels of retirement risk point to the need for solutions.

Do You Need More Than 3 Buckets?

Determining how many retirement buckets are enough.

Inherited IRA Investors Get Another Break, but the Clock Is Ticking on RMDs

Plus, two cheap utilities stocks as AI transforms the overlooked sector into a growth opportunity.

3 Must-Knows Before Investing in Target-Date Funds With Annuities

Target-date funds with annuities have hit the market. Here’s how to determine whether they should be a tool in your retirement-income toolbox.

Avoid RMD Shortfalls With These 5 Top Rules on Life Expectancy

How to use the right life expectancy table to calculate RMDs for inherited IRAs.

A Retirement Readiness Checklist

Evaluating your retirement plan can be more manageable if you break it into smaller steps.

Ed Slott: How Rules on Eligible Designated Beneficiaries Changed for Inherited IRAs

Making sense of what’s new in 2024.

How Retirement Income Guardrails Can Ease Clients’ Worries

Effectively communicating withdrawal strategy improves client experience.

Should Your Retirement Withdrawals Mirror RMDs?

Like all variable strategies, a required minimum distribution system entails trade-offs.

What to Know About the Federal Thrift Savings Plan TSP G Fund

Be mindful of the opportunity costs of this conservative investing option.

Roth or Traditional IRA: Which Should You Choose?

Here’s a simple system to help you break down the choice.

What Your Asset Mix in Retirement Should Be During Higher Interest Rates

Despite attractive yields on cash and bonds, some retirees may still need a more aggressive portfolio.

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