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There’s No Bond King, but Investors Keep Pouring Money Into Pimco Income

The top-performing bond fund is taking in the lion’s share of multisector bond fund flows.

Catastrophe Bonds as Portfolio Diversifiers: Pros and Cons

They come with risks, but these bonds have low correlation with common asset classes.

3 Great Active ETFs for Bond Investors

Strong teams underpin these highly rated options.

3 Intermediate Core Bond Funds That Play Offense

These strategies have solid return potential.

It’s Been a Terrible Time for Bonds. Here’s Why You Should Own Them

Challenges in the bond market could set the table for stronger future returns.

Where We See Opportunities in June as Stocks Recover Losses

Can’t keep a good market down: Stocks recover April losses.

Dan Ivascyn: The Outlook for Bonds Amid a Covid ‘Aftershock Global Economy’

Pimco’s global CIO on the macro outlook, why resilience matters, navigating the rate cycle, China, and more.

Bond Investors Have New Options for High Yields

The ‘income’ is back in fixed income. Where should investors start?

What to Know About the Federal Thrift Savings Plan TSP G Fund

Be mindful of the opportunity costs of this conservative investing option.

Bill Gross Warns Investors to Steer Clear of Bond Funds

Should you heed this legendary bond investor’s advice?

TIPS Versus I Bonds

I bonds boast tax advantages, but purchase limits reduce appeal.

Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence: Outstanding Portfolio Manager Nominees

Consistency, longevity, discipline, and temperament are the hallmarks of these three funds’ managers.

When Low Risk Means High Risk

Investment caution can be dangerous, too.

How Rising Interest Rates Change the Relationship Between Stocks and Bonds

A closer link between the two asset classes reduces the benefit of including both in a portfolio.

TIPS Are on Sale

It’s time to buy shares of TIPS funds, not redeem them.

The Best Bond Index Funds: Part 2

Picks from the high-yield, inflation-protected, municipal, and global categories.

The Best Bond Index Funds: Part 1

Intermediate core, short-term, and ultrashort funds.

This One Tweak Could Improve Your Bond Portfolio in Q2

We think it’s time to underweight these fixed-income securities.

JPMorgan Core Bond’s Deep Team and Disciplined Approach Earn It an Upgrade

Also, complexity hurts a JHancock target-date series’ Process rating, and other highlights from March’s ratings activity.

Q2 Stock Market Outlook: Contrarian Plays Look Increasingly Attractive

We see investment opportunities in what’s underperformed, unloved, and undervalued.

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