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Morningstar Investor

Dive Deeper Into Investment Analysis

Morningstar Investor helps you objectively evaluate your portfolio through our expert lens.

Get more perspective on your portfolio

See what’s possible with Investor’s insights and powerful portfolio tools.

Morningstar® Portfolio X-Ray™

Evaluate your holdings from every angle: asset allocation, fees, stats, weightings, and more.

Morningstar® Stock Intersection™

Instantly identify when your assets overlap, including how much any given security affects the overall position of your portfolio.

Morningstar data and ratings

Monitor your portfolio with our trusted ratings and comprehensive data. There's a data point for every goal.

Account aggregation

Seamlessly link all of your accounts within Investor for a holistic analysis of all your holdings.

Bring clarity to every investment decision
Investor’s full suite of research and tools helps you see your investments in a new light. Start your free trial today.


$20.75/mo—Save 41% over monthly


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