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What Is the Federal Reserve and How Does It Work?

Understand the Fed’s goals and what they mean for your investments.

The Fed’s Inflation Outlook Is a Little Too Pessimistic

Why we expect more than one interest rate cut in 2024.

A Cautious Fed Eyes Just One Rate Cut In 2024

We think inflation will improve, allowing the Fed to lower rates twice this year.

May CPI Report: Good News on Inflation, but Hold the Champagne

Housing costs remain a sore spot, but watchers see room for the Fed to cut rates in September.

May US CPI Report: Monthly Inflation Flat, Softer Than Expected

Core inflation is up 3.3% year over year, below the consensus forecast.

Stock Investors Have Already Won the Election

No matter who is president, equities ride a favorable tide.

May CPI Forecasts Show Inflation Softening Overall as Gas Prices Ease

Core CPI is still seen as too sticky for the Fed to cut rates soon.

Why Today’s Fed Outlook May Be the Best-Case Scenario for Stock Investors

Hopes of a soft landing are alive and well, but the worst-case scenarios are also on the table.

Job Gains Surged Again In May, Dashing Hopes of a Sustainable Slowdown

Fed cuts will more likely depend on inflation, not the job market.

May US Jobs Report: 272,000 Rise in Payrolls, Much Stronger Than Forecast

Unemployment rate ticked up to 4.0%

European Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates

The ECB moves ahead of the Fed but pours cold water on hopes for more near-term rate cuts.

May Jobs Report Forecasts Predict Healthy but Moderating Hiring Gains

What a slowdown in jobs growth could mean for interest rates.

April PCE Report: Sticky Inflation, but Monthly Core Inflation Dips

The PCE Price Index increased 0.3% in April; excluding food and energy, it was up 0.2%.

April PCE Index Forecasts Show Inflation Remaining Sticky

Investors shouldn’t hold their breath for rate cuts, analysts say.

What to Invest in During High Inflation

These inflation hedges can help protect your portfolio.

Softer April CPI Stops the Bleeding on Fed Rate Cut Hopes

Services inflation remains sticky amid the better news in the April report.

Why We Expect Inflation to Fall in 2024

Wondering when inflation will go down? We’re optimistic about what’s ahead.

April US CPI Report Shows Inflation Up 0.3%, Softer Than Expected

CPI comes in at a 3.4% annual rate for April, core CPI at a 3.6% annual rate.

Forecasts for April CPI Report Show Continued Sticky Inflation

Gas prices and services costs to keep inflation above the Fed’s target for the month.

Can the Fed Declare Victory on Inflation?

‘It is not going to be a smooth ride down to 2%’ says chief financial analyst for Bankrate.

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